Fire Sprinkler Systems

Properly installed and maintained fire sprinkler systems react so quickly and reduce the effect of flames and smoke produced in a fire. Fire Sprinkler system are economical, reliable and the best way to protect your family and home from the dangers of fire.

Most common reasons for sprinkler failure

  Mechanical Damage
  Deliberate Sabotage
  Manufacturing defects

Automatic sprinkler systems help to detect a fire, transmit an alarm and control the fire. Our professional sprinkler installers install reliable and cost-effective sprinkler systems. Analyzing your residence and commercial facilities in terms of occupancy is important phase for the project should be carried out by team of expertise and proceed by them to install fire sprinkler system.

We are licensed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens County and Bronx in New York. Whether it's a fire sprinkler system or a more specialized fire protection system, our professional provides you the best design, installation, testing, repair and maintenance available in the industry.

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