Every day in the New York City, millions of people pass over manholes, either on foot or in vehicles, without noticing them. The well built manhole plays vital role in country's infrastructure and their failure could cause big problems. Building new manholes requires expertise and safety measurements. Our plumbing professional are licensed and insured to perform such tasks, carrying years of field experience. We are familiar with all the documentation process requires, right from secures permits, we arranges required inspections, and presents a finished quality job.

Catch Basin Installation and Repair

Catch basins generally are built along a street's curb and serve as a collection reservoir for rainwater. If properly installed, catch basins help to eliminate foul odors especially after a rainstorm and rectify drainage problems. If you are looking for repair or install catch basin for your business, please contact your New York based catch basin repair and installation company for quality work.

Trench Drains Installation

Does your job require trench drain installation? Our professional plumbing contractors that have experience setting drains for new concrete floors and installing drains in existing surfaces. Install trench drain in interior or exterior, our contractors are equipped with high tech machinery's. We have the experience required to set your drain properly and according to your specifications. Contact us for recommendations or for free estimates for your trench drain installation.

Types of trench drains - based on installation method


Original standard method for trench drain systems. In this method, a concrete trench is formed in the ground using wood forms, reinforcing bar and manual labor.

Former systems

Former systems trench drain systems installation method is the logical successor to the cast-in-place method.

Pre-cast concrete

Trench drains generally available in 4" widths but can range anywhere from a 1 - 3/4" slot to 2" wide channels with grates. Through custom trench drain divisions it can be made available to any imaginable size.

Linear systems

Most popular trend in trench drains are linear systems.
Installing catch basin and trench drain in NYC for home owners and commercial clients in Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan of New York City. Please call (718) 725-9622 us today for all your sewer & water mains plumbing needs. For emergency service call us at (718) 614-4884.

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