Annual Boiler Maintenance Service

Having your boiler prepared for the upcoming winter is something that can save your time and money while maintaining a better level of heat. Without proper maintenance of boilers, you may need to spend as much as 10% more on your energy bill than needed. The goal of annual boiler maintenance is to have all of the components of the boiler inspected, ensuring they are in proper working condition.

The septic tank itself is a watertight container constructed of a sound, durable material resistant to corrosion. With proper use and maintenance, a septic tank can provide many years of trouble free service.

Few features to prevent accidents and their functioning is important.

Safety valves

Primary safety feature on a boiler. Safety valves are designed to relieve all of the pressure generated within a boiler if other systems fail. Every steam and hot-water heating boiler must have at least one safety relief valve of sufficient relieving capacity to meet or exceed maximum burner output.

Water-level control

It is important to ensure piping is open and free of scale or sludge buildup at all times. Cross tees allow piping to be cleaned and inspected easily.

Water gauge glass

It enables an operator to observe and verify the actual level of water in a steam boiler. If not properly cleaned and maintained, a gauge glass can appear to show a sufficient level of water when a boiler actually is operating in a low-water condition.

List of points that require daily recordings:

  • Water level
  • Low water cut off tested
  • Blow down water column
  • Blow down boiler
  • Visual check of combustion
  • Boiler operating pressure / temperature
  • Feed water pressure / temperature
  • Condensate temperature
  • Feed water pump operation
  • Flue gas temperature
  • Gas and oil pressure / temperature

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